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Custom Built Ford Engines

Custom Built Ford Engines

Custom Built Ford EnginesCustom Built Ford Engines



Mild to wild...

The majority of our engines are custom, one-off pieces.  Each engine is tailored to individual tastes in appearance and functionality.  Need a basic 352 for your 1966 pickup?  What about a 445 Windsor for your Shelby Cobra replica?  Each engine has an almost infinite amount of options and variations.   I know you were hoping to come to this page to see a list of available engine packages but it's simply best to contact me personally to discuss your needs.  I will take all the time that's needed to personalize a short block, long block, or turn-key engine package to your exact desires.  

Our engine packages are not constrained to street builds only.   We also build bracket and road race engines, pulling truck engines, and anything you can dream up.  

You can reach me by email:

Feel free to also text or call:  (502)759-1431


556ci BBF pulling truck engine, 1163 hp @8500, naturally aspirated

390FE, Custom Hydraulic Roller, 540 hp @ 7000, 7500 rpm pull