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Lykins Motorsports Rearend Components

Call or email for a quote on a complete 8.8 or 9 Ford Rear-end.

We are dealers for Strange, Moser, Eaton, Motive, and many more.
Complete Rear-ends (including new axle housings) or complete center sections are available.


Strange 9 Ford Center Sections

*Strange S Series, 3.062 or 3.250 Bearing Size.
Price: $228

*Strange Aluminum.
Price: $325

*Strange Nodular Iron Pro N Case.
Price: $325

Motive 9 Ford Gear Sets

*Any Ratio.
Price: $209

9 Ford Accessories

*Aluminum Daytona Pinion Support.
Price: $110

*Billet Steel Pinion Yokes.
Price: $110

*Timken Install Kits (With Solid Spacer).
Price: $125

9 Ford Differentials

*Ford Traction Lock 28/31 Spline
Price: $325

*Detroit Locker 28/31/35 Spline.
Price: $525

*Yukon Grizzly Locker 31/35 Spline
Price: $485

*Eaton Tru Trac 28/31 Spline
Price: $485

Complete Strange 9 Ford Center Sections Available!
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