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Lykins Motorsports 331/347 SBF Short Block

*Fully CNC machined production block
*Block clearanced for stroker crankshaft
*ARP main studs
*Scat 9000 series crankshaft
*Scat forged I-beam rods
*Probe forged pistons (flat top or dish to match your application)
*Clevite main/rod/cam bearings
*Total Seal piston rings
*Felpro rear main seal
*New cam retainer plate
*ARP cam retainer plate bolts
*Comp Cams hydraulic roller camshaft (custom picked to perfectly match your
*Ford Racing timing chain set
*ARP camshaft bolt
*Professional Products harmonic balancer
*ARP balancer bolt
*RAM billet steel SFI flywheel
*Rotating assembly balanced
*Camshaft degreed
*Block painted, freeze plugs/galley plugs installed
*Assembly pictures provided along with build specs (bearing/engine clearances,
cam specs)
Total Price: $3349

(Shown  with optional main stud girdle)

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